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I've been looking through the archives here all the way back to the very first post, and I decided to join, being a newbie Peter fan. I can see that it's been really inactive here as of late, but I wanted to join and introduce myself anyway. :)

Name: Jasmine
Age: 15
Location: Southeastern US
How did you first become interested in and/or obsessed with Peter Lorre? Well, it all started when I saw M on TV. I really liked it, but sort of forgot about it. Not too long ago, I watched it again, and I was hooked.
What is your current favorite Peter movie? Hmmm...currently it's Arsenic and Old Lace. But I've only seen five or so of his films, so that will probably change soon.
What do you like most about Peter? His incredible acting talent (of course), his accent, and the general loveliness that he personifies on the screen.
If you could meet Peter, what would you say to him? I wouldn't be able to speak. I'd just stare at him anxiously until he left, and then I'd hate myself for years to come for not saying anything.
Which Peter characters would you most and least like to be stuck with in an elevator? Hmm, that's a tough one. Most: Joel Cairo, Kentaro Moto, Abbott, The General. (Even though The General would be kind of annoying, his smexiness would make up for it.) Least: Hans Beckert.
Other interests: Music in general. I'm in honors chorus at school, and I love the Beatles like nobody's business. I also take German in school, and I love it. This may have made my affection for Peter even stronger, because I love his native language so much.
Share your website?: None.

After filling that out I've realized how few Peter films I've actually seen. I must remedy that.
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