Crash TenBillion (weaselwoman13) wrote in smokeandkittens,
Crash TenBillion

Just making one of my elusive posts to alert everyone that I Was An Adventuress will be on the Fox Movie Channel at the ungodly hour of 6 AM Eastern Time on Friday, August 31st! If anyone hasn't seen this delightful film, in which Peter and Erich von Stroheim play a lovable pair of con artists, I urge you to set a timer and tape it. It's a must for any Peter Lorre fan; you'll wish that he and Erich von Stroheim had made about 13 more films together. :)

Showings of this are really rare (I'm told the last time was on AMC about 15 years ago), so don't miss it because goodness knows when they'll play it again!

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