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I just joined, so here are my replies to the questions:

Name: starrigan
Age: 40. FORTY!!! (As of last month. I'm still traumatised.)
Location: Newfoundland, Canada
How did you first become interested in and/or obsessed with Peter Lorre? Mmm, probably The Maltese Falcon and that thing Joel Cairo does with the umbrella... (Can I say that? Is this community for adults? ::grin::)
What is your current favorite Peter movie? I loved him in both Falcon and Arsenic and Old Lace but I'd happily watch him read the phone book. ^_^
What do you like most about Peter? His talent and his beauty. It's an equal split.
If you could meet Peter, what would you say to him? "You are amazingly talented. Ignore the naysayers, and keep doing what you do. And thank you - a thousand times, thank you."
Which Peter characters would you most and least like to be stuck with in an elevator? It's hard to say, really...
Other interests: I'm a novelist. Don't know if that counts as an interest...I'm a cinephile with a special love of film noir.
Share your website?:

Hi everyone! ::waves:: ^_^
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