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The Peter Lorre Community

There is no Bogart. There is no Brando. There is only Peter Lorre.

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Welcome to the community!

This is a community to celebrate the genius, the talent, the style, and the beauty of Peter Lorre, one of the greatest actors of the 20th century. Feel free to discuss, wax rhapsodic, post pictures, or just ramble. I hope that this community will help to educate the LJ populace about the real Peter Lorre (and to dismantle tired rumors perpetuated by, among other things, his numerous animated doppelgängers).

Please join and share your feelings about the man and his art! To keep discussion going, will you new members do me a little favor and answer a few questions in your introductory post? This will help everyone in the community get to know each other. :)

Also, please visit Walking the Shark: A Peter Lorre Page, and Peter Lorre: A Man of Dreams, for a prose-laden tribute and some extremely funny spoofs, respectively. They are my personal favorite Lorrean haunts. For book info and some very nice rare photographs, check out the website for Peter's upcoming biography.


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